Patco’s Super Range was born out of necessity for products to perform better than the average product in the market place yet maintain an affordable price. Patco has reformulated a range of products to the specifications and requirements of customers who wanted a concentrated product yet did not want the high prices charged by the American subsidiaries.
The Super Range has met with a resounding success and the popularity has proved that the market place has accepted the new range with open arms and was long overdue.

Patco Super Clean is water based all purpose, highly concentrated heavy duty biodegradable detergent cleaner. It has been formulated to cut through very dirty surfaces containing grease, oils and stubborn dirt, lifting and suspending the soil. Patco Super Clean does not contain ammonia and is reddish in colour with a wonderful floral scent. This product is environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. Ideal for removing oil and grease stains from walls, floors, machinery and equipment.