What are the best gloves for cleaning?

Cleaning gloves are essential pieces of personal protective equipment when you’re using harmful cleaning substances that should never come into contact with your skin. Equally so, many people feel that cleaning gloves are ideal when washing dishes to preserve your skin and avoid those pesky crinkles that come with over-exposure to water. So, the question arises: of all the options on the market, which cleaning gloves are the best to get the job done?

In this blog, we’ll briefly explore three of the best dish-washing and cleaning gloves in the market to help you along with choosing the ideal pair of rubber gloves for your needs – you can thank us later!

Casabella Water block Gloves

Available in three sizes as well as raspberry pink or light blue, these gloves have a slim, tailored fit and feature solid grips along the fingers and palms to assist with slippage under soapy water. Once you put them on, they feel medium-thick, but are fairly comfortable to wear.
The gloves are lined with soft-flocked cotton, which make them easy to tug on and off, and also helps absorb sweat, so your hands aren’t sticky or stinky after a through dish washing session. These gloves are made from natural latex, so if you’re allergic, they may not be your best option.
By far, the best feature about these gloves this about these gloves is their cuffs. The Water block gloves are longer than the standard rubber glove, 14 inches from the tip of the finger to the top of the cuff.
At the top of the cuff is what seems like a ruffle, but actually, you’re supposed to flip the ruffle down to allow the gloves to block any splashback from getting past the edge and inside the glove: hence, the water block feature. The only catch about these gloves is that they’re a bit pricey, so you’ll have to properly budget for them if they tickle your fancy.

Platytex Latex Gloves

At about half the worth of our first-pick water block gloves, the Playtex Living Premium Protection gloves offer many of the same benefits as the Casabellas. They’re also 14 inches long, with a fold-over cuff at the top to stop water from getting inside the gloves.

These gloves are made from a latex/neoprene/nitrile blend. While the sleeve of the glove isn’t too tight, your hand and fingers will fit well. In fact, the packaging boasts that they were developed to follow the natural curve of a woman’s hand, which explains why they’re so comfortable. In a nutshell, you’ll get the same kinds of benefits with Platytex cleaning gloves as you would with the Casabellas, but the ride may not be as smooth and long-lasting as our first-pick rubber gloves.

Mr Clean Latex Free Gloves

The best thing about the Mr. Clean Bliss gloves, besides looking like the ideal Instagram-ey kitchen-bound accessories, is their super-soft interior. The box calls the liner “pillow-soft”, and they might just be right about that. The inside of these cleaning gloves is markedly softer than any of the competition, and it’s like putting on snuggly winter gloves that even people with latex allergies can use.
On the surface, these gloves have textured fingers and palms to assist together with your grip, though they have been found to get slippery when exposed to grease. These gloves are available only in white but are available in four sizes, while many other pairs only came in three sizes.
The fit is snug, but not tight; the medium-thick material was easy to maneuver in. They even have a sweet flower embossing along the cuff that, compared to the others, gives them a rich feel that makes washing the dishes less of a chore.

And there you have it, three cleaning gloves that should be on your radar. If you’d like to learn more about these gloves, simply get in touch with us and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Here’s to a smoother dish washing and home cleaning experience!